Reviewing Officers

Abdul Majeed A Additional Secretary
Ajaya Mohan C M Additional Secretary
Ajayakumar G Under Secretary (HG)
Ajayan C Additional Secretary
Aji Philip Joint Secretary
Ajith K Joseph Additional Secretary
Ajitha B Under Secretary (HG)
Amrithlal A R Under Secretary
ANAND SINGH Secretary to Government
Anil kumar C Jr Deputy Secretary
Anil Kumar G Under Secretary
Anil Kumar G Joint Secretary
Anil Kumar P K Under Secretary
Anil Kumar S V Deputy Secretary
Anil Kumar V S Joint Secretary
Anish T Deputy Secretary
Anitha B C Deputy Secretary
Anitha V K Deputy Secretary
Anto M Under Secretary
Anuradha K C Under Secretary (HG)
Asha A K Under Secretary
Asok Kumar P Additional Secretary
Balagopal K K Under Secretary (HG)
Balasubrahmonian V Deputy Secretary
Beena Kumari S Additional Secretary
Beena P S Deputy Secretary
Beena P S Under Secretary
Beena Rani G S Under Secretary (HG)
Beena Y B Deputy Secretary
Beenamol K J Deputy Secretary
Bency J Additional Secretary
Bhooshan V Additional Secretary
Biji K Under Secretary
Biju Bhaskar B S Additional Secretary
BIJU KUMAR BT Under Secretary
Biju Prabhakar Secretary to Government
Bijukuttan M S Additional Secretary
Bindu K K Joint Secretary
Bindu K S Deputy Secretary
Bindu R Under Secretary
Bindu Thankachi M K Additional Secretary
Binod K Deputy Secretary
Bishwanath Sinha Principal Secretary (IAS 67000-79000)
Boby Antony Additional Secretary
BYJUKUMAR S Under Secretary
C A Latha IAS Secretary to Government
Chandra N K Joint Secretary
Chithra K Divakaran Under Secretary
Chitra M S Deputy Secretary
Deepa G Nair Under Secretary
Deepa Sivadasan Deputy Secretary
Deepa V Under Secretary
Devadas P Under Secretary (HG)
Devendra Kumar Singh Additional Chief Secretary
Dileep Kumar T I Deputy Secretary
Dilip C D Deputy Secretary
Dinesh P Deputy Secretary
Dr Manju K Under Secretary
Dr Asha Thomas Additional Chief Secretary
Dr ASHOK B Secretary to Government
Dr DINESH ARORA Secretary to Government
Dr Ellangovan K Principal Secretary (IAS 67000-79000)
Dr Jayathilak A Additional Chief Secretary
Dr Rajan N Khobragade Principal Secretary(GP 10000)
Dr RATHAN U KELKAR Secretary to Government
Dr Sharmila Mary Joseph Secretary to Government
Dr Venu V Additional Chief Secretary
Dr Vishwas Mehta Chief Secretary
Ganesan Chettiar A Joint Secretary
Geetha K Additional Secretary
Geetha L Special Secretary (48640-59840)
Geetha Lekshmi M B Additional Secretary
George Thomas K Additional Secretary
Gireesan P T Joint Secretary
Girija Kumari G Joint Secretary
Gopa Kumar P K Joint Secretary
Gopa Kumar R Special Secretary (48640-59840)
Gopakumar U Under Secretary
Gopal V S Additional Secretary
Gopala Krishna Bhat K I A S Secretary to Government
Hari kumar G Joint Secretary
Harilal T N Under Secretary
Haripriya G Under Secretary
Harshan M Additional Secretary
Haseena Beegum A Under Secretary (HG)
Hazeena P S Under Secretary
Hema Prabha D Additional Secretary
Honey P Additional Secretary
Indulekha I V Under Secretary
Ishita Roy Principal Secretary (IAS 67000-79000)
Jafferkhan S Deputy Secretary
JAI SUKH LAL N Additional Secretary
Jain B Under Secretary
Jaisy Paul Under Secretary
Janardhanan K Joint Secretary
Jaya Kumar C S Under Secretary
Jayakumari P Under Secretary
Jayaram Kumar R Deputy Secretary
Jayasree L Deputy Secretary
Jayasree M Deputy Secretary
Jayasree R Under Secretary (HG)
Jayasree T Joint Secretary
Jayasree V K Under Secretary (HG)
Jessy George Additional Secretary
Joe C Kathilankal Additional Secretary
Jose T K Additional Chief Secretary
Josephine K Deputy Secretary
Joy P T Joint Secretary
Joy S Under Secretary
Jyothi Kumar C Additional Secretary
Jyothi Lekshmy L Under Secretary
Jyothilal K R Principal Secretary (IAS 67000-79000)
Kamala Vardhana Rao G Principal Secretary(GP 10000)
Kannan R S Special Secretary (48640-59840)
Krishna Kumar P S Additional Secretary
Krishnadasan P Deputy Secretary
Kusala kumari L Under Secretary
Lal D Additional Secretary
Leelamani K M Additional Secretary
Leena A Deputy Secretary
Leena M D Joint Secretary
Leena N P Deputy Secretary
Lekha T Under Secretary
Letha Kumari M B Additional Secretary
Lissy K B Joint Secretary
Lizy Mol E Under Secretary
Lola P Joint Secretary
Madeena Beegum A Under Secretary
Madhu R Additional Secretary
Madhusoodhanan Pillai G Additional Secretary
Malathy S Additional Secretary
Manikantan R Under Secretary (HG)
Manoharan P V Under Secretary
Manoj K Under Secretary
Manoj Kumar K Section Officer
Manoj Kumar P C Under Secretary
Manu B Additional Secretary
Mary Laly C Y Joint Secretary
Maya Devi P G Deputy Secretary
MINI ANTONY IAS Secretary to Government
Mini K Special Secretary (48640-59840)
Mini M Additional Secretary
Mini M R Deputy Secretary
Minimol D Joint Secretary
Minimol T Additional Secretary
Minirani K Under Secretary
MITHRA T IAS Additional Secretary (AIS)
Mohamad Haneefa M M Deputy Secretary
Mohammed Hanish Principal Secretary (IAS 67000-79000)
Mohana Raj M Joint Secretary
Monylal B S Additional Secretary
Muhammed Anzari Additional Secretary
Muhammed Faizal H Under Secretary
Muhammed Rijam Y Deputy Secretary
Muhammed Riyaz Joint Secretary
Mumthas Beegom A Under Secretary (HG)
Muraleedharan K V Special Secretary (48640-59840)
Muraleedharan S Joint Secretary
Murali S Deputy Secretary
N MANOHARAN NAIR Under Secretary (HG)
Najeeb H Joint Secretary
Nandakumar K Additional Secretary
Nandakumar N Additional Secretary
Nandana R P Deputy Secretary
Navin Krishnan G I Under Secretary
Nazarudeen A Joint Secretary
Nisha S Additional Secretary
Nizam S A Under Secretary
Nusaima Beevi P Under Secretary
Padma Kumar T V Deputy Secretary
Padma kumari S Sr Under Secretary
Patsy Stephen Joint Secretary
Prabha B Additional Secretary
Pradeep Kumar C V Joint Secretary
Pradeep Mathew Paul Deputy Secretary
Prakash B S Additional Secretary
Prakash C V Joint Secretary
Pramod M V Deputy Secretary
Pramod V R Under Secretary
PRANABJYOTHI NATH Secretary to Government
Prasannan T Under Secretary (HG)
Prasantha V K Under Secretary
Pravada P R Under Secretary
Praveen S Additional Secretary
Preetha B Joint Secretary
Preetha K S Joint Secretary
Preetha Kumari L P Under Secretary (HG)
Premkumar Under Secretary
Priya V K Under Secretary
Priyamol M P Under Secretary
Puneet Kumar Principal Secretary (IAS 67000-79000)
Radha P M Under Secretary
Radhakrishnan G Deputy Secretary
Radhakrishnan K Additional Secretary
Radhakrishnan K Cherthala Additional Secretary
Rajagopal R Additional Secretary
Rajappan V C Additional Secretary
Rajasekharan Nair R Special Secretary (48640-59840)
Rajasree S Under Secretary
Rajeena Beegum M A Joint Secretary
Rajeev Sadanandan Additional Chief Secretary
Rajeevan A P Under Secretary (HG)
Rajeeve C R Under Secretary
Rajendran Chettiyar K Under Secretary
Rajesh G R Deputy Secretary
Rajesh Kumar K K Under Secretary
Rajesh Kumar M Joint Secretary
Rajesh Kumar Sinha Principal Secretary (IAS 67000-79000)
Rajesh P S Additional Secretary
Ramesh G R Deputy Secretary
Ramlath P Additional Secretary
RANI GEORGE Principal Secretary (IAS 67000-79000)
Rani R S Deputy Secretary
Rari Rajan Special Secretary (48640-59840)
Rasheeda S Under Secretary
Reetha S Prabha Additional Secretary
Regi Kumar J Joint Secretary
Reji Kumar R Under Secretary
Reji Rajendran Under Secretary
Remani Mathew Additional Secretary
Remesan M K Additional Secretary
Resmi Raveendran Under Secretary (HG)
Robert Francis Deputy Secretary
Rusi R S Under Secretary
S Mohammed Ismail Kunju Additional Secretary
Sabir Hussain S Additional Secretary
Sabitha S D Deputy Secretary
Sajeevan M K Under Secretary
Saju S Additional Secretary
Sajukumar N Deputy Secretary
Sakeer Hussain O N Deputy Secretary
Salini K J Under Secretary (HG)
Salini O G Under Secretary
SANJAY M KAUL Secretary to Government
Santhosh D Additional Secretary
Santhosh Kumar L T Deputy Secretary
Santhosh Kumar R Joint Secretary
Santhosh Kumar S R Jr Additional Secretary
Santhosh Kumar T K Joint Secretary
Santhosh N C Under Secretary
Santhosh R Under Secretary
Santhosh V S Under Secretary
Sarada Devi U Under Secretary
Sarada Muraleedharan Additional Chief Secretary
Sareena O Additional Secretary
Saritha D Joint Secretary
Sasi T Joint Secretary
Sathy K Under Secretary
Satyajeet Rajan Additional Chief Secretary
Saurabh Jain Secretary to Government
Seema S Under Secretary
Seena A N Deputy Secretary
Seenathu Beevi S Additional Secretary
Seleena A Under Secretary
Semi Gopinath G Under Secretary
Sen V Under Secretary (HG)
Shabira P K Under Secretary
Shaher Banu Joint Secretary
Shainu V Under Secretary
SHAJAHAN A Secretary to Government
Shajan A Joint Secretary
Shaji T R Under Secretary
Shajila S Under Secretary
Shamnad M M Under Secretary (HG)
Sharmila C Joint Secretary
Sheeba B Joint Secretary
Sheeja R S Under Secretary (HG)
Sheela G Under Secretary (HG)
Sheela M Under Secretary (HG)
Sheela P Joint Secretary
Sheela Rani R Special Secretary (48640-59840)
Shibu R Under Secretary (HG)
Shija C G Under Secretary (HG)
Shijith K J Under Secretary (HG)
Shine A Haq Additional Secretary
Shiny George Additional Secretary
Shylasree K Additional Secretary
Siddique A K Under Secretary
Sijan J Alappat Under Secretary
Siju Jacob Deputy Secretary
Simi A S Deputy Secretary
Sindhu S Joint Secretary
Sindhu T S Under Secretary
Sindu P K Joint Secretary
Sini Sabu Deputy Secretary
Sivadasan E K Additional Secretary
Sivasankar M Secretary to Government
Smitha S Under Secretary
Snehalatha K Under Secretary
Sonia Washington Joint Secretary
Sreedevi E S Under Secretary
Sreedevi I B Under Secretary
Sreeja V Joint Secretary
Sreejith V P Deputy Secretary
Sreekala B Deputy Secretary
Sreekala C S Joint Secretary
Sreekala M S Under Secretary
Sreekala S Deputy Secretary
Sreekala S Under Secretary
Sreekala T P Under Secretary
Sreekumar P P Under Secretary
Sreekumar N K Additional Secretary
SreeKumar T Additional Secretary
Sreelal T V Joint Secretary
Sreelekha N R Additional Secretary
Sreeletha R S Under Secretary
Subhash R Joint Secretary
Subhashini Thankachy P Under Secretary
Sudha B Deputy Secretary
Sudha K S Additional Secretary
Sudheer Babu T Under Secretary (HG)
Sugatha Kumar G Under Secretary (HG)
Sukumaran N Joint Secretary
Sumeshkumar C Under Secretary
Sundev N Under Secretary
Sunil Kumar B Joint Secretary
Sunil Kumar S Under Secretary
Sunitha I Deputy Secretary
Surabhi G S Under Secretary
Suresh Kumar P N Additional Secretary
Suresh kumar S Deputy Secretary
Suresh Kumar V S Additional Secretary
Suresh T T Deputy Secretary
Sureshkumar K Additional Secretary
Swapna M Under Secretary (HG)
Swapna P Under Secretary
Syam T K Under Secretary
Syam V Under Secretary
Tessy P Jose Additional Secretary
Thara Devi R Additional Secretary
Tharun Lal S Joint Secretary
TINKU BISWAL Secretary to Government
TOM JOSE Chief Secretary
Udaya Kumar S Deputy Secretary
Udayakumar A R Under Secretary
Uma Devi L D Under Secretary (HG)
Unnikrishnan J Additional Secretary
Usha A R Joint Secretary
Usha T Nair Additional Secretary
Usha Titus Dr Principal Secretary (IAS 67000-79000)
Valsa V Additional Secretary
VALSALA K Under Secretary (HG)
Valsala Kumaran M C Additional Secretary
VENUGOPAL P Secretary to Government
Vijayakumar R Additional Secretary
Vijayakumar S Deputy Secretary
Vijayasree K S Joint Secretary
Vilasachandran Nair V Additional Secretary
Vilasini P R Additional Secretary
Vinod G Additional Secretary
Vinodan C K Joint Secretary
Yamuna B R Special Secretary (48640-59840)
Zulfikar Rahman A Deputy Secretary
Abdul Jalil M Additional Secretary
Ajaya Kumar K S Additional Secretary
Ajith Kumar A Joint Secretary
Ajith S Under Secretary
Ajitha L Under Secretary
Ajithakumari P Under Secretary
Ambika Devi D Deputy Secretary
Anie Jula Thomas Additional Secretary
Anil Kumar G Jr II Under Secretary
Anil Kumar M Joint Secretary
Anil Kumar R Joint Director (IS)
Anil Prasad P Joint Secretary
Anila L Joint Secretary
Anilkumar S Additional Secretary
Anoop S Additional Secretary
Beena A Khan Deputy Secretary
Beena B Under Secretary(HG)
Binu N Nair Under Secretary
Cleetus J Joint Secretary
Deepa S Deputy Secretary
Ferold Xavier S D Additional Secretary
Geetha M Joint Secretary
Gopakumar N Additional Secretary
Gopakumar P Joint Secretary
Gopi Krishna S Dr Deputy Secretary
Haseena M Under Secretary
Hathimthai S Under Secretary(HG)
Jayalakshmi T M Under Secretary
Kala S V Additional Secretary
Kanchana T Joint Secretary
KRISHNAKUMAR S Technical Examiner
Krishnapriya D Joint Secretary
Lakshmi Raghunathan Joint Secretary
Latha S Additional Secretary
Leena V S Under Secretary
Lekha A Deputy Secretary
Lindsey Thomas Joint Secretary
Madhusoodanan Nair A Joint Secretary
Madhusoodanan Nair T S Under Secretary
MANJU M R Accounts Officer
MANJUSHA L Under Secretary
Manoj Joshi Additional Chief Secretary
Manoj S Under Secretary
Mini V R Additional Secretary
Mukundan K V Under Secretary
Muraleedharan Pillai M Under Secretary
Narandran Pillai S Joint Secretary
Nita Kumari T Special Secretary
Omanakkuttan N Section Officer
Pouline C Under Secretary(HG)
Pradeep Kumar R Under Secretary
Pradeep T P Under Secretary
Pratheep Kumar B Joint Secretary
Praveenkumar P Under Secretary
Preetha B S Additional Secretary
Pushpaja M G Deputy Secretary
Rajamma V R Additional Secretary
Rajan V K Additional Secretary
Rajasree K Additional Secretary
RAJESH C Under Secretary
Rajesh Kumar Singh Additional Chief Secretary
Reena Varghese Additional Secretary
Rehmath T A Under Secretary
Reji John Deputy Secretary
Sanjeev Kaushik Principal Secretary
Shafeena B Under Secretary
Shaija Rani P P Under Secretary(HG)
Shaji A K Under Secretary
Shajumudeen H Deputy Secretary
SHANAVAS A Section Officer (H.G)
Sheejamol M K Under Secretary
Shibu A Additional Secretary
Shibu A S Under Secretary(HG)
Shibu G Accounts Officer
Shoba R Deputy Secretary
Shubha K P Deputy Secretary
Sindu P M Deputy Secretary
Sobha L Deputy Secretary
Sobha V R Joint Secretary
SREEKUMAR A L Under Secretary
Sreelatha Sukumaran N Joint Secretary
Sreeni G Joint Secretary
SREERAJ S S Under Secretary
Sudheer P S Joint Secretary
Suneeja Beegum M Deputy Secretary
Sunil Das S Y Under Secretary
Suresh Kumar O B Deputy Secretary
Suresh Kumar S Additional Secretary
Suseel Kumar V Joint Secretary
Suthan W J Deputy Secretary
THOMAS SAMUEL Under Secretary
Tixy S Nelson Joint Secretary
UBAIDULLA A C Under Secretary
Udhayan C C Joint Secretary
Usha K S Additional Secretary
Vijayalekshmi P Under Secretary(HG)
Vijayasree M S Joint Secretary
Yamuna V Additional Secretary
Yoosufkhan S Under Secretary
Akash Ravi Deputy Secretary
ARAVINTHA BABU P K Secretary(Judicial )
Arunkumar S S Section Officer (H.G)
Asoka Kumar A Under Secretary
B BOSE Under Secretary
Baiju R H Under Secretary
Beena K P Deputy Secretary
Biju Varghese Erumala Additional Law Secretary
Bindu C Deputy Secretary
Binu P R Deputy Secretary
Gireesh Kumar G Deputy Secretary
GopiKrishnan G Deputy Secretary
Grancy T S Joint Secretary
HARI NAIR V Secretary(Judicial )
HARINDRANATH B G Secretary(Judicial )
Indukala P Additional Law Secretary
Jayakrishnan G P Joint Secretary
Jeevan N Additional Law Secretary
Jisha D Joint Secretary
Lekha S Under Secretary
Meghana V R Deputy Secretary
Nazeer Huzain H Additional Law Secretary
Padma V Joint Secretary
Pradeep Kumar P Deputy Secretary
Prathapachandran B Joint Secretary
Raghunath T Additional Law Secretary
Rahana V M Joint Secretary
Rajeev Kumar L R Deputy Secretary
Reena D Under Secretary
Reghukumar S Under Secretary HG
Renuka Devi B S Joint Secretary
Sadique M K Special Secretary
Sajeev S A Joint Secretary
Sandhya S Additional Law Secretary
SHAJIKUMAR L Joint Secretary
Shibu Thomas Joint Secretary
Shyla P S Joint Secretary
Smitha C S Under Secretary
Sreekala T R Joint Secretary
Sreelatha K A Additional Law Secretary
Suresh Babu R Joint Secretary
Suresh Kumar P Additional Secretary
Thankaraju D Deputy Secretary
Umadevi S Deputy Secretary
Vanaja Kumari P Additional Law Secretary
Vijayadev G Deputy Secretary
Vijayasree S Deputy Secretary
Major General BG Gilganchi Additional Director General
C Jayan Babu Chairman
V S Achuthanandan Chairman
Chintha Jerome Chairperson
K Harikrishnan Namboothiri Chief Executive Officer
K Rajan Chief Whip
Dr. A R Rajan Director
Prof. K P Sudheer Director
A P UNNIKRISHNAN District Panchayath President
K B Naseema District Panchayath President
A G C Basheer District Panchayath President
Dr. T N Seema Executive Vice Chairperson
Ramesh Chennithala Leader of Opposition
Dr. K Ampady Managing Director
K S Sabarinadhan MLA Member of Legislative Assembly
Thiruvanchoor Radhakrishnan Member of Legislative Assembly
Prof Richard Hay Member of Parliament
K Sudhakaran Member of Parliament
Rajmohan Unnithan Member of Parliament
Sreekala S Member Secretary
Justice P S Gopinathan Ombudsman
Mercy Kuttan President (KSSC)
V K Madhu Secretary